Live from Big Design: Delightful Complexity

Delightful Complexity: Design Impact on our Customer’s Culture, by Christine Imaizumi
big-design-logo-300x126Complexity seems like a bad thing – we want simplicity. But Super Mario Brothers is actually very complex, and that’s why people like it.
Psychology of games is based on
  • autonomy
  • competence
  • relatedness

Not simplicity!

Christine’s team had a problem:

Our users relate to the software because their career depends on it.
They heard from their client that people were quitting because they didn’t want to use the software anymore.
Confusion is the enemy, not complexity. Sometimes designs oversimplify in a bad way.

Testing advice:

  • When someone is tough and doesn’t gush, they’re someone worth testing and retesting with
  • Find optimal times to test – even when the client doesn’t think they need/want to test
  • Be aware of oversimplification
  • Remember that the client is not the voice of the user, even if they think they are

Ways to include the difficult users:

  • Put together a user steering committee
  • Keep testing
  • Watch them as they continue on their journey/tasks

Marli Mesibov

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