Live from HITMC: Value-Based Marketing

Value-Based Marketing: How to Rev up Lead Generation and Customer Loyalty, by Shawn McKee, Charlotte Bohnett

Create content that cuts through the noise. that means either…

  • A lot of content, or
  • Really good content

(ideally both!)

The bar for quality needs to go across all channels – not just a good white paper!

  • Guide people through the funnel
    • Like this white paper? Let me send you more.
    • Want more of this info? Let’s talk!
  • Rework content!
    • Make emails into a whitepaper into a webinar

Shorten the funnel – optimize marketing by recognizing your top performing content type (webinars, or whitepapers, or email campaigns) and then drive everything toward that content. Look for topic areas that overlap between audience types, to increase numbers. Then outright ask them if they want to know more about the topic or us.

As a content marketer, you don’t want to be an “icky” salesperson. But you still need to ask if they want to work with you.

  • You have to deliver on quality content
  • You need a plan for disseminating it after the content is published
  • Create nurture campaigns to move beyond publication date
  • And then close the deal – ask if they want to work with you

How do you make it happen?

  • Play to your strengths
  • Think about what technology you have available
  • Never forget who you’re serving – think about your customers
  • Defer to the data
  • Deliver value, and the leads will follow

Marli Mesibov

Marli is a content strategist with a passion for the user experience. Her work spans websites, web applications, and mobile. Marli is the VP of Content Strategy at the UX design agency Mad*Pow, where she helps healthcare, finance, and educational organizations communicate with their audiences. Marli is a frequent conference speaker, and has spoken at conferences including Content Strategy Forum and LavaCon. She can also be found on Twitter, where she shares thoughts on content strategy, literature, and Muppets.

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