Live from Litmus Live: From {{me.name}} to {{you.name}}: Experimenting with Personalization

From {{me.name}} to {{you.name}}: Experimenting with Personalization, by Vicky Ge

litmusWhat is personalization?

  • It’s understanding that emails are a privilege, not a right. We don’t need to send them!
  • It’s realizing that our work is not about acquiring customers. It’s about them starting a relationship with us.

Personalization is based on great data – and customers are willing to share data, if they get something in return. It’s a handshake.

What isn’t personalization?

  • It’s not just putting a name at the top
  • It’s not tagging people as “cold lead” vs. “warm lead”
  • It’s not machine learning alone

How do you collect data?

  • Coordinate with other departments
  • Add tracking and tagging features for content types
  • Create mechanisms for customers to express interests

Our techniques, with just data, don’t include intuition. Machines alone don’t tell us everything. We need to look at what we know, and focus on behaviors, not just patterns in general.

  • How do people spend their time?
  • What content do they consume?
  • What actions to customers take, and what actions do they not take?
  • What events and occasions are coming up for them? (example: Spotify offers a Year in Review)

Marli Mesibov

Marli is a content strategist with a passion for the user experience. Her work spans websites, web applications, and mobile. Marli is the VP of Content Strategy at the UX design agency Mad*Pow, where she helps healthcare, finance, and educational organizations communicate with their audiences. Marli is a frequent conference speaker, and has spoken at conferences including Content Strategy Forum and LavaCon. She can also be found on Twitter, where she shares thoughts on content strategy, literature, and Muppets.

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