Live from Button: Don’t Just Translate

Don’t Just Translate, Boost your UX Content With Transcreation, by Anna Potapova When McDonald’s started the “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign, the Chinese version was “I just love it and in Russia “That is what I love.” Why is it different? China and Russia don’t have the tense that “I’m lovin’ it” is written in, in…

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How to Localize your Examples

When I think about a common snack food, I think of apples and peanut butter. But in many cultures peanut butter is a bizarre food, not a common snack. So in a recent localization conversation, a coworker asked “should we remove all examples?” The answer is no. Localize your examples! As we localize to different…

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Destigmatize Therapy for Mental Health

Last week was Mental Health Awareness week. I guess I missed it, so this is belated. Though, to paraphrase The Bloggess, “wouldn’t it be awesome to just have to be aware of mental health one week a year?” (Apparently there’s also a month in May.) Anyhow, many people see weeks like this as an opportunity…

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