Best Practices when Writing for the Web

“When there’s no time or budget to work with a content strategist, research the target audience, and define a specific company voice, there are still some basic rules writers and designers can follow to make sure that web copy is clear, concise, and compelling.” Best Practices When Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web

After years of frustration working with lorem ipsum, designers who create links that say “Click Here,” and even some junior copywriters who never learned what Headers are for, I’ve created a list of best practices when writing for the web.

The practices are actionable. They range from tips on how to write for the user, to reminders on how to keep content clear and concise, to voice and tone recommendations. There’s advice on links and buttons, format, and accessibility.

These best practices are valuable to anyone who writes web content. For example:

  • Are you a designer, who occasionally puts in placeholder copy?
  • Or are you a content strategist, who’s tired of correcting the same things over and over?
  • Or are you an agency copywriter, who wants your clients to be self sufficient and write their own first-round copy?

Check out these simple best practices, to use anytime you’re writing online content.

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