Content and Copywriting Resources

I love when I can go to one place and find a bajillion useful sites. For example. I’m a big fan of Jon Colman’s Epic List of Content Strategy Resources¬†as well as Megan Whalin’s UI Content Resources. So I decided to create my own.

Here’s a set of content and copywriting resources. It’s designed for content creators who are combining strategic elements and copywriting. I hope it serves you well!

Content 101 (Strategy & Marketing) Resources

These are a sort of “if you read nothing else” assortment. They focus on strategy and marketing. To that end, Jon Colman’s list is in this list (meta, I know). But there are also overviews and sets of examples and documents.

Tone and Voice Resources

These resources focus on the branding side of content and copywriting. So each of these links is a different set of guidelines or an example of voice and tone done well.

Copywriting Resources

Copywriting, UX writing, or content creation. However you view it, there is power in words. With these guidelines you can get a sense of the right terminology to use.

Social Media Resources

Lastly, a set of social media recommendations from sites such as LinkedIn and Mashable. Improve your content marketing by connecting with consumers!

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