Content Strategy Gratitude

I’m grateful for many things. Some are personal, others professional. I’ve worked hard to build my career, and been exceptionally lucky to see that pay off. This year, I’m feeling particularly grateful. It’s more than just personal gratitude. It’s content strategy gratitude.

My Content Strategy Gratitude

What makes me feel so great this year? Here are the top four things.

  1. My amazing team of content strategists at Mad*Pow! Dana, Allison, and our newest addition Rick are brilliant strategists. Plus, they’re fun to work with, and inspire me every day.
  2. The Content Strategy Facebook group. This is a caring, inquisitive, fascinating group of people. They share relevant articles and get interesting conversations going. As a result, I find it helpful every day, and I love being part of it.
  3. Our favorite tools: GatherContent, and Mindjet. We’ve started using GatherContent exclusively for tracking workflows during content creation. Personally, I couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile, Mindjet is our go-to tool for sitemaps and IA creation, and I highly recommend it.
  4. My Mad*Pow coworkers. Our content strategy team is only as great as the people we work alongside. Luckily, I work alongside some spectacular teammates.

What are you grateful for this year? If you’re not feeling grateful, maybe you need some inspiration?

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