Content Strategy at Verily

It’s been over 5 years since I started a new era at Mad*Pow. And now I’m taking the next step of my career, moving on to Content Strategy Lead at Verily.

A Health Content Strategist

When I started at Mad*Pow I myself a content strategist who was particularly interested in health and education. That’s part of what made Mad*Pow such a perfect fit. The company did about 60% of their work in health, and the rest in finance, education, and social impact.

Over time, Mad*Pow gave me more and more opportunities to buoy my health knowledge. I learned about accessibility, and gave talks on health literacy. I built healthcare glossaries and delved into the minutiae of the NCQA. Slowly, I stopped thinking of myself as a content strategist who likes health. I became a Health Content Strategist.

Content Strategy at Verily

At Verily, I’ll be doing much of the same work I did at Mad*Pow: building a content team. But there’s one big difference. Verily is a health company. So content strategy at Verily will be focused entirely on health.

I’m very excited to be starting in my new role. Let’s help improve health literacy!

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