Do You Have an Accessible Website?

Do you want an accessible website? Submit your site for a chance to get a short report on how your site can be more accessible.

What Does Your Accessible Website Need?

Accessibility means designing for people with disabilities. Compare this with inclusive design. An inclusive design is good for both people with disabilities and without. It’s not easy to do, but it’s an important consideration in UX.

An accessible website has:

  • Background and text colors that are visible in low light, or with limited vision or color blindness
  • Alt text on images and videos, so that screen readers can accurately describe them
  • Error indicators beyond mere color, such as descriptions and/or icons
  • Limited (or no!) animation
  • Legible fonts and font sizes
  • Descriptive links and buttons
  • And much more!

Do You Want to Be Accessible?

Mad*Pow’s Center for Health Experience Design is leading a workshop on accessibility in February. At the session, we’ll be looking at a series of websites. It’s good practice for learning about accessibility.

Are you ashamed of your site’s accessibility? Proud of it? Uncertain? We want them all! Submit your site, and we’ll select up to 10 to review. You’ll receive the findings at the end of March. We’d love if you can come to the workshop, but you don’t need to be there to have your site reviewed.

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