Life from OmnichannelX: Omnichannel content at ING

Omnichannel content at ING, by Erwin Veth

ING’s purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and business. The Experience “Tribe” considers their purpose to improve digital experiences. But what does that mean?

  • Giving customers a great and consistent experience across channels
  • Or to help them finish something in one “go” without switching
  • Or to focus on digital adoption and services
  • Or focus on reusable components (don’t want to reinvent the wheel)

They wanted to align with internal needs and keep up with content trends (how people consume content; quality of images; etc).

The Project

2016: Customer Experience was Inconsistent. Too many CMSs, content was different in different places. They created a digital content strategy focused on a list of priorities:

  • Consistency and reuse of content
  • Adding languages made easy through MultilingualReady
  • Customers can easily consumer content through content “cards”
  • All content is clear and sounds like ING
  • Personalization and suggested content appearing automatically
  • Customers see content relevant to them

Then they translated this to principles, such as “Trim the fat” and “Create focus” and “Easily accessible” and “Responsive.”

Then they set up a new content delivery system with a CMS, database, and content API. And created structured content:

  • Structured content types
  • Structure to show 1 content type in multiple frontend presentations
  • Structure to show content across channels
  • etc.

How it Works: Agile in Content

At that time ING also moved to agile in content. How did they do it?

  • Decentralized squads
  • One “content as a service” squad
  • One “content support and advise” squad
  • Put in place consistent content building blocks
    • Strategy
    • Templates
    • Content API
    • Guidelines
    • Taxonomies
    • A/B testing tools
    • Image and video delivery

Decentralized content management is a big risk. You need to convince people to try it out – quality of content will drop initially, but then improves. It also leads to better content, and faster content changes.

Challenge: must help people focus on removing content as well as creating!!


  • You need to have a mindset that assumes there will be mistakes and that’s ok
  • Be clear – help others be successful and help them understand what they need to do
  • Stay 2 steps ahead as much as possible. Look to what will be needed
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