Live from Confab: Delivering your content strategy

Delivering your content strategy: Effective documentation and deliverables, by Kim Marques

confab logo“This content strategy stuff is great, but what are you going to give me?” – we all hear this. Kim, at Liberty Mutual, started creating deliverables beyond copy. So she started making a list of common deliverables. She found a ton of questions, more so than answers.

First, she created an inventory of deliverables. Started with audits:

  • Content audit –┬áList out absolutely everything, no judgements.
  • Content inventory – Get judge-y. Identify opportunities.

BUT! These are not the deliverables that execs care about. They want to see the recommendations, so the audit/inventory they need to see is the simplified bit that shows why you made the decisions that you did. i.e. only include metadata if the recommendations are about SEO.

Figure out what deliverables are right for this one project, not to answer everything everywhere.

  • Content hierarchy – A shared document for the content strategist and IA.

Remember who your audience is, and tailor recommendations – and the format in which you present them – to those people.

Some deliverables are to help others continue on when you’re no longer there.

  • Standardized copy decks (a template!)
  • Copy decks intended for non-writers

Few of us create experiences alone. Documentation helps the next person in the process.

Important documentation questions:

  • Is this document helpful?
    • Who will be using it?
    • Why will they be using it?
  • Is it usable?
    • If I hand it off to someone else, will they understand it?
    • Is it useful without me giving it context?
  • How much time do I have to create this document?

In the end, content strategy is still a process. But it’s also the deliverables we create to support it.

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