Live from Confab: Inclusive Content, Ethical Tech, & You

Inclusive Content, Ethical Tech, & You, by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Confab 2018 logoWhen Google Maps launched a calorie counter, it only took 3hrs for them to get enough awful feedback to take it down. So how did they spend so much time on it without realizing how triggering, dangerous, and wrong it was?

We don’t often consider how our design or content can hurt people

  • Copy can trigger people
  • Copy can reinforce biases
  • Copy can create micro-aggressions or inadvertent panic

What is Success?

If your only metric for success is views, then you don’t care if your views are because people are misusing your content in terrible ways. If YouTube only cares that people watch videos, they don’t care that people are publishing torture scenes tagged with Peppa Pig, and kids are watching them.

We need to build trust – and we need to earn it as well. Words matter so much in digital experiences.

It’s Time to Create Inclusive Content

We have a way forward. We need to think about:

  • Our practice: What are our everyday assumptions?
  • Our process: Who do we test with? How do we make sure we keep the right people involved?
  • Our priorities: Do you care more about the money? The metrics? Or being inclusive?
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