Live from ConfabEU: Bringing new content thinking to old-world companies

Bringing new content thinking to old-world companies, by Kate Kenyon

logo-smallThere are companies that have literally been around since before electricity.

  • Banks/Finance
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Big retail

Benefits to working for “old-world” companies:

  • Money!
  • Opportunity
  • Scope
  • Stability
  • But… they also like homeostasis. Everything stays the same.
    • They assume “digital is a new way to keep things exactly the same!”
    • Our job is to introduce content strategy… but also new digital attitudes.

Where do we start?

  • Stop talking about content strategy.
  • Show them how you’ll fix things and make their lives better.
  • Be “useful” – which is exhausting – so┬áconserve energy:
    • Avoid sign-off Hell. Figure out how to get approval on the big picture, not every individual thing.
      • Be nice
      • Be persistent
      • Explain digital
      • Explain why this is also their problem
      • Do it again
    • Beware of seagulls – people who will swoop in at the last minute and poo all over the project.
  • Show them your smarts
    • Being useful can make people think we’re just a pair of hands.
    • We need to speak up, show our opinions.
    • We need to trust we’re being useful and begin speaking up for the strategy side of things.
  • If it’s not fit, break it
    • Break down processes that get in the way of the work.
    • Look for executive sponsors that will support your plans.
    • Or work with the group to gain support against the broken processes.
    • Leave the silo

A process (cycle) for introducing content strategy:

  • Caring
  • Doing
  • thinking
  • Breaking

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