Live from Congility: Content Strategy at a Micro Scale

Content Strategy at a micro scale, by Clara Gausch

Congility2014Clara works with small teams

  • Sometimes very small companies (1 or 3 people!)
  • Sometimes very little content
  • They all need high quality web content
  • All users want useful content – no matter how big or small the company is.

Are micro companies generally creating better content than big organizations?

  • No!
  • A small music school with a small website still needs to answer:
    • What instruments can I learn?
    • Do they teach children and/or adults?
  • A small restaurant with a small website needs to tell us:
    • Do they rent the place for private event?
    • How can I contact you?
  • These are bad experiences.

The real danger:

  • Companies that can’t do great content but think they can
  • It’s as dangerous as a child thinking he knows how to swim, when he doesn’t
  • It looks feasible – they see content everywhere
  • They don’t know what they don’t know
  • They don’t know what they’re risking by having poor content – so they see no reason to solve it

What are the fundamental problems?

  • They don’t know their key messages (what makes them special)
  • They don’t know why they need a website
  • They don’t know their voice and tone (what their identity is)
  • They know their users, but don’t think to use this knowledge on their website

How can content strategy help?

  • Don’t give up on small companies for not knowing what they don’t know. They know lots of other things!
  • Help them understand that content comes first. It’s incredibly valuable.
  • Systemically think through the problems before putting together the content.
  • Content matters a lot to everyone – even a single person company.
  • Be there for them. Be flexible, analyze, and help with the pieces before the execution.
  • Get them specific – what are the key messages, the goals, the user needs?

Content strategy at a micro scale has a big, direct impact.

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