Live from CSA: Do More with Less Using Content Pillars

Do More with Less Using Content Pillars, by Amy Higgins

logoWhen you’re trying to do a full content strategy process alone, it’s easy to get stuck in the details and lose the big picture. We need to figure out what the sun is for the project.

  • What is the sun/what is providing the energy?
  • What are the main galaxies? (main priorities)
  • What are the main planets? (the mid-sized content)
  • What are the moons? (smaller, influential content that revolves around the planets – slideshares, infographics, case studies)
  • What are the stars? (the first things people see – social media posts, blog posts)

Concur created their universe:

  • The sun: The Essential Guide to Expenses (a HUGE piece of content for clients)
    • This gets shared with clients who are already committed
    • SMB content that provides everything that audience needs
  • Created 5 pathways to lead to the guide – these are the 5 major clients
    • A mobile path
    • A path coming from the “day in the life” of the client
    • A “cut cost” path, for budget-conscious people
  • For example: Mobile pathway
    • User is on the move, and needs an expense and travel solution with them
    • This pathway went from graphics, to blog post, to the eBook
  • Content connections
    • Created a “choose your own adventure” infographic showing how the content worked together and connected

Determined where and when content would be used.

They’re using the metric of lead generation. As aside benefit, producing campaigns goes very quickly.

Global results:

  • The UK, Australia, and Canada offices were able to reuse the USA version with only some language changes.
  • Sales enablement (one of the “medium” content things) also took off.

How to build your own galaxy:

  1. Create your sun based on the areas of expertise – it can be as broad or narrow as needed, it just needs to be highly important
  2. Look at the areas that could expanded upon. Expand them into other documents to use as medium-sized planets.
  3. What are the deeper conversational topics? How can we break them off as social media and blog pieces?
  4. What will grab the attention of others? These are also social media blips.
  5. Rinse and repeat.


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