Live from CSA: Influencing the Influencers: Building a Contributor Network from the Ground Up

Influencing the Influencers: Building a Contributor Network from the Ground Up, by Kim Higdon

logoThe problem: They had great assets, but no stories behind them.

They had food photos, activity photos, lots of proof that people have a good time in AZ (which they were selling).

They evaluated what they had:

  • A huge community of Arizona advocates
  • An understanding of the gaps – what content they didn’t have
  • Knowledge that stories (the missing content) existed, but that they didn’t know how to get it

The solution they came up with was to create a platform that users could use to share these stories.

A few keys to launching:

  • Establish a vetting criteria – what’s important? What do we want specifically?
    • In this case they needed authors to be able to write well.
  • They needed something that could easily be exported to their CMS
  • They needed to be able to get this information to the users
    • They had an email list to help with that
    • They had social media channelse

Within one month they received:

  • 55 potential authors
  • 24 of them were vetted – some were professional writers, authors, bloggers, news anchors, and photographers
  • None of the authors were paid; they do the work because they believe in the platform

The content is often reused, and is very valuable.


  • Listen to what people are saying
  • Figure out what’s not working – that’s the greatest area of opportunity
  • People want to contribute to brands they care about. Start the conversation and see what happens.

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