Live from CSA: Next Level of Collaboration: The Future of Content & Web Design

Next Level of Collaboration: The Future of Content & Web Design, by Rebekah Cancino

logoWork used to be simple. It was tangible and had clear edges. (quote from @kerry_anne) – but now everything has changed.

No matter where a customer is experiencing content, it’s all part of the brand experience.

More and more of our experiences are online, which means more content we need to create, and thus more complexity.

“Meeting the demands of our multi-device web is less a problem of technique and more one of communication.” Mark Llobrera

Rebekah asked: why do we still get stuck, even with extremely talented people? She found patterns that make collaboration and co-design possible.

How to make collaboration & co-design possible:

Be humble

  • Be open to the opinions of others
  • Humility is key. We have to be aware that we don’t have all the answers – we have to be willing to say “I don’t know.” Companies that succeed are often the ones that put systems in place to reward humility. (Source: Harvard Business School).
  • We have to be willing to ask a lot of questions.
  • Ask for feedback and consider criticism
  • Always be learning

Start with heart

  • Find the overlap of business goals and user needs – that’s how we best focus on the user.
  • We need to look at what users are:
    • Thinking
    • Feeling
    • Doing
  • See things from the user’s perspective
    • It doesn’t matter that you have the best shopping cart experience if users are concerned about the product itself
    • We have to learn what the users care about and solve that particular problem

Just jump in & join forces

  • Don’t wait to be invited to do work
  • Join in with design and development
  • You never know what you can do until you try it.

A culture of openness sets the stage for collaboration and co-design.

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