Live from CSA: Scalable Content Strategy: Nice Thought or Viable Vision?

Scalable Content Strategy: Nice Thought or Viable Vision?, by Colleen Jones

logoA two-step model for creating an operational content strategy.

FootSmart was trying to help clients understand that they needed more than just sneakers

  • Created additional content
  • Linked that content to their sneakers
  • SEO increased as a result
  • 36% increase in weekly sales

The two-step model

The two e’s – Evaluation & Engineering.

Content Evaluation

Content evaluation is a constant, ongoing assessment of whether content is working and why.

They helped a IHG look at their content. They found

  • 11% of visitors came through mobile
  • 60% then bounced

“We enjoy making decisions in the dark and think evaluating our content is a bad idea” said no one ever. But evaluating content is difficult and can be frustrating. There’s a ton of information, and there’s an underlying problem of too much content, too many options.

  • Trouble reconciling data from different points.
  • Having too few resources to evaluate the content well.
  • Not knowing whether to “trust” the content we’re evaluating.
  • Trouble to find the right metrics.
  • Trouble deciding who has the final say in choosing the metrics or the things to analyze.

One thing that helps is finding the right tools – like Tool Gap Assessment tools. Another is using a content evaluation framework, like the 3 pillars of small data success:

  1. Collecting and analyzing: What is my situation?
  2. Interpreting: What does this mean?
  3. Acting: What do we do now?

Content Engineering

Content engineering is how we deliver the content to people at specific times, in specific situations.

Engineering personalization – is your content ready for reuse in opportune moments for personalization?

  • When will you email?
  • What will trigger set content types?
  • What channels will it go through?

Embrace the “e”s!

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