Live from HITMC: Mapping Marketing to Moments

Mapping Marketing to Moments, by Andrew Hanelly

Getting attention is hard. As a middle child, failed rockstar, wannabee writer, Andrew learned that.

Earning attention is how you monetize a business. Attention is the currency of business. You need to earn it, keep it, and monetize it.

How do you get attention?

Plenty of marketers try to annoy their way to you. Louder, more, bigger, un-removable, auto-downloads, etc.

Campbell’s soup however, is offering recipes. They’re providing something useful.

Hospitals are tired of begging for attention. So now more are creating their own media brands. How do you do that?

  • Find your opportunity [strategy]
  • Find your voice [editorial]
  • Build your audience [growth]

Northwell case study

Northwell wanted to know how to better connect with their audience. The first step? Learn about the audience.

Find the moments of truth: the opportunities for relevance. Those fall into four types of situations:

  • Shoulds (mostly internal, nagging)
  • Routine (scheduled)
  • Obsessions (spontaneous)
  • Extreme (life-changing)

For each of those, there is: a Trigger, an Approach, and an Outcome. Through that framework, they identified where Northwell might connect with the audience. And looking at the patterns across those opportunities, Northwell found the theme of their work.

Meeting people in the moment is step one… making it meaningful is step two. And step three is to build the audience, so that the company can exist and provide for people.

Building conversions

How do you market in the moment? A hub is a great idea, but people don’t go to hubs. How do you build a mini-media campaign around every single bundle of content?

  • Drive engagement through great content
  • Build a database of audience with records and information
  • Support conversions through campaigns and tracks of content

What does all that mean?

  1. To start, pair the relevant audience segments with the campaign theme and objectives (I.e. mammograms).
  2. Next, plan content around moments. Develop content that follows the briefs.
  3. Create quality content that people will engage with – rather than just trying to get eyeballs.


Brand as media companies – it’s not just publishing!! It’s focused around the moments of relevance that the community says is on their mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting 10 or 20 times a day – it matters what you’re posing and why.

Become the thing your audience loves.

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