Live from HITMC: Scratching a Niche

Scratching a Niche: Digital Marketing When the Audience is Small, by Joshua Golden

Digital marketing is like ax throwing – you close your eyes and hope it hits a bullseye. So Joshua dials in with these steps:

  • Calculating cost and setting a budget
  • Choosing audiences
  • Dialing in on the competition
  • Standing out
  • Optimizing and testing
  • Getting the almighty conversion

Calculating cost and setting a budget

Bing is much cheaper than Google, and social media (Facebook or LinkedIn) are much cheaper than search engines. So when setting a budget, Joshua breaks it out:

  • 60% to Google
  • 20% to Bing
  • 15% on Social Media
  • But what about events? Other marketing?

Alternatively, you can set up bid caps for Facebook and LinkedIn. You need to test, and compare where you’re spending money and where you are getting conversions.

Choosing audiences

Once you have your budgets, you need to compare channels to see how you can target your audience:

  • Keywords (search engines only)
  • Retargeting
  • Job titles
  • Company name
  • Uploaded lists
  • Interests
  • Interactions
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Cross-Platform (like Bing & LinkedIn, both owned by Microsoft)

You also need to then view the audience insights, to see who’s interacting with your ads, social posts, etc. That helps you better target to gender, age, location, etc.

Or, you can use tracking pixels, conversion tracking, UTMs, and email databases to identify your audience.

Dialing in on the competition

WebPT will show you how you’re doing against your competition, and where there are opportunities to shine.

Standing out

Don’t limit yourself to ads – you need to bring people into the funnel, not just grab leads. You can do webinars, offer valuable content, etc. If you do a webinar and it costs $300, but you get 300 leads and 6 convert, that’s a great ROI.

Plus, you can share that content through ads and social media in the future.

Note: social media things typically want you to target an audience of at least 1000 people. This can be helpful, but don’t get pulled into lookalike lists. Those are money sucks.

Lastly, don’t waste money. Create negative lists as well, and collaborate with SEO to ensure you’re not going to end up in places you don’t want to be (paying for click-thrus of people who def won’t be interested).

Optimizing and testing

  • Keep it consistent (the landing page must match the ad)
  • Use landing pages
  • Test everything – copy, images, videos, gifs
  • Use the real estate

Forms are your friend. Ask something you really want to know – like what EMR they currently use (if you have an EMR), and then you can segment them like that. If you only add 1 field (and keep the form simple) then you won’t see a drop in conversion rates. (At least, their team didn’t. You should test.)

Other platforms you might try ads (depending on the traffic in your industry):

  • Quora
  • Gartner
    • Capterra
    • Software Advice
    • GetApp
  • G2Crowd

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