Live from HxD: Customizing Content

Customizing Content, by Amy Behrens

Logo for the Health Experience Design conferenceContent is everywhere. How do we cut through the noise? We make our content:

  • accurate
  • trustworthy
  • timely
  • customized

Customization is different from personalization. Customization is by the user. Personalization is by us, for the user.

Why Customize?

We are busy, selfish creatures. We want clear, relevant information when and where we want it. When we want health information we’re typically motivated and high-stress. We want to know what to do.

  • As simple as entering age and sex
  • As complex as sharing details on activities

How to Customize?

  • Map out the variables
  • Talk to your users
  • Talk to subject matter experts
  • Define your behavioral objective (what are you trying to get the individual to do?)
  • Identify the key variables that differentiate most (80% of) cases

Pro Tips

  • Call our confidentiality/data use
  • If asking for personal information, make it clear why
  • Stay positive
  • Use language from your audience
  • Be brutal in eliminating variables
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