Live from HxD: Incorporating Human-Centered Design into Policy Development

Incorporating Human-Centered Design into Policy Development; or, How I Learned to Let Go of All My Natural Instincts and (Try to) Embrace Chaos, by Deborah A, Brown

Logo for the Health Experience Design conferenceDeb works in the mayor’s office. She is trained as a hospital attorney. Then she encountered hospital gain sharing. Gain sharing is a program that says if providers are able to cut costs, they can (essentially) pocket the extra. But since historically it was illegal, it’s hard for people like Deb.

In retrospect, Deb realizes that although this change rocked her world, the change was a good one. It was a new experience for her.

Changed approaches can be very troubling.

Change is Hard

Deb realized that although she was well meaning, she had never spoken with patients. She had never explored outside-the-box thoughts. But now she’s working at the Mayor’s Office. She needs to deal with change.

She had her eyes opened to some of the inequities in NYC (and in the country). Our healthcare outcomes are improving, but there needs to be more.

One of the changes we need is to improve our designs. Let’s do that!

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