Live from HxD: Innovation Beyond the Lab

Innovation Beyond the Lab, by Adam Connor

Logo for the Health Experience Design conferenceWhat does it take for people to accept a human-centered mindset? Adam works for people across industries. He has 5 lessons to share.

Lesson 1: Training is Not Enough

Teams often do training, and don’t understand why that doesn’t change everything.

But training is just one small piece of the bigger picture. For people to change their behaviors they need to want to do it, they need the opportunity, and they need to know how. Training only accomplishes the third.

Design for the circumstances that allow people to put into practice what you’re teaching them.

Lesson 2: Frameworks are Not the Answer

Frameworks like “Lean” or “Agile” or “6 Sigma,” they start with peoples’ beliefs. And all the frameworks have overlapping elements. Many are human-centered to one point or another.

We need to pick and choose the right principles, not the right frameworks. Successful organizations use key principles of human-centered design, and design strategies that uphold those principles.

Lesson 3: Silos are Inevitable

Once you have enough people, they will group. It may be around common interests, or common struggles, or common opportunities.

What matters is¬†which silos you choose. Conway’s Law says the way that you organize your team will directly impact the experience of the product or service you create.

Lesson 4: Innovation is a Midpoint

Innovation only gets you so far. Once you innovate, you then need to set it up for people to move forward and make it into habits. They need to be able to use the information.

Lesson 5: Collaboration is Less Important than Empowerment

Collaboration means SO many different things! Build on consensus, rather than just “collaboration.” Enable information sharing.

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