Live from HXD: Self-Care Support & Mental Health Services for Black Men

Self-Care Support & Mental Health Services for Black Men, by Kevin Dedner

When Kevin heard the George Zimmerman verdict, he felt sick. He started researching whether just being a black man could make him sick. He found that untreated mental health in black men is one of the reasons they have the lowest life expectancy of any population.

An Approach to Improved Mental Health: Henry Health

He’s founded Henry Health, an organization dedicated improving mental health for black men. It’s an approach to care that works in public health: providing therapy as well as self-care support.

The history of health disparities is well documented. But there is a major culture shift taking place right now in terms of how we view mental health.

Chronic illnesses can be presumably postponed by lifestyle changes. Quality of life can be improved – chronic conditions can be postponed. Henry Health will increase the life expectancy of black men by 10 years within the next 25 years.

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