Live from HxRefactored: Prevention by Sustaining an Effective Daily Health Pattern

Prevention by Sustaining an Effective Daily Health Pattern, by Dan Pardi

Health-Promoting Technologies

The health tracking market is expected to grow 14x in the next 5 years. These technologies are primed for mass production, thanks to wearables/fashion. Can wearables be a valuable art of an ecosystem that promotes important behaviors in a meaningful way?

Inactivity is unhealthy. How can we increase activity?

50% of people continue to use activity trackers after 18 months. How can we support this and increase the number of people engaging?

Lifestyle Changes Impact Health

High blood pressure can be caused by bad diets, limited exercise, not enough sunlight, and too little sleep.

Most health issues are caused by our modern lifestyle, with too little sunlight and sleep, and poor diets and limited exercise.

Templates for Behavior Modification

We have tons of models. A few:

  • BF Skinner talks about triggers and reinforcements.
    • Stimulus prompts behavior, which has consequences
  • Albert Bandura speaks about self-efficacy
    • People are proactive, aspiring orgnisms
  • Loop Model (developed by Dan) asks users specific questions
    • Why is it important? (does it align with my beliefs)
    • How do I do it? (what specific actions do I need to follow)
    • Am I doing it? (mindfulness)
    • Is it working? (feedback)

How do we follow the Loop model?

  1. Identity formation
  2. Intention formation
  3. Goal formation
  4. Track feedback
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