Live from Voice Summit: The Voice Playbook

The Voice Playbook – Your foolproof guide to building best-in-class voice products, by Polina Cherkashyna and Hilary Hayes

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There aren’t a lot of best practices in place for emerging technologies like Voice. So Polina and Hilary have worked on a Playbook. Their work begins with research to identify the needs, then making the product, releasing it, and finally evolving.

Why do Voice Products Fail?

  • Starting with ideas first (instead of use case, or user need)
  • Engineering comes in too late, and the product isn’t build to actually work well
  • The team didn’t consider business viability over time
  • No continuous user validation to ensure the product is useful and usable
  • Not considering other interfaces (seeing everything as an opportunity for voice)
  • Poor VUI/UX design – UX can’t go out the window with Voice!

Product Development Process

This process begins with considering whether people actually want the product (desirability), and then feasibility, usability, and business viability. You can address those risks as you go through each phase of the product development process (identify, make, release, evolve).

Voice specific techniques include:

  • Utterance capture
  • VUI accessibility design
  • Conversation trend analysis

How it Works

The playbook is filled with activities. Each activity aligns with steps across the product development process. Some are types of research, some are UX and design elements like concept generation, technical validation, etc.

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