Where’s Marli in 2022?

Where will you find Marli in 2022? After a few years with no flights and few talks, I’m looking forward to more conferences this year. That means a little more travel, and a lot more fun. Come join me!

Why attend conferences?

For me there are several reasons to go to conferences.

Where can you find Marli in 2022?

So far I’m committed to three conferences this year. I’ll be speaking on a few different topics, including personalized content, and bias in UX.

In May I’ll be joining STC Summit in Chicago. My conference topic is “The Impact of Personalized Content on your Business”, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

A month later, I’ll be online speaking at OmnichannelX Conference. The OmniX team puts on a phenomenal conference, and I’m very excited to join. I’ll be giving a talk called “Siri, You Have to Be Carefully Taught”, about bias in omnichannel experiences.

Then, in October, I’ll head to New Orleans (after a few years off!) and speak at LavaCon. I can’t wait!

While Covid makes everything a little uncertain, it’s really good to have great conferences to look forward to. Let’s do this, 2022!

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