Mental Health and Behavior Change

In the past few weeks, I’ve given talks on Behavior Change and on Mental Health. What do mental health and behavior change have in common? The overlap is mostly in their connection to health care and content strategy.

In my talk on Content Strategy for Behavior Change, I explain how content strategy plays a role in behavior change interventions. Shortly after I presented that talk, I gave another on content strategy in healthcare. The question: how do we improve healthcare delivery through advertising theories?

Take a look at the slides below, or check out more of my talks on Slideshare. Or if you want to catch my next talk, take a look at my upcoming speaking events.

Talks on Mental Health and Behavior Change

More on Mental Health and Behavior Change

These slides are a good start if you want to learn about behavior change, content strategy, and mental health. To learn more, take a look at some related articles:

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