Recommended Reading: Contagious

I can’t recommend Contagious, by Jonah Berger, enough.

Very few books get a 5 star rating from me. 5 stars, to me, means this book was so fantastic that I want to own it, so that I can reread it again and again. The few books that do get this rating tend to be classics (e.g. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Women, War and Peace), or really well written sci fi/fantasy (e.g. Words of Radiance, Queen of the Tearling). I’m not sure I’ve ever before read a “work” book that I rated 5 stars, but here I am, about to buy Contagious, because I can’t let another minute go by without having this book to reference.

Contagious is a Part of Content Strategy

If you’re a content creator, content strategist, content marketer, or in any other way touch content, you need to read Contagious. It won’t teach you marketing, or how to sell to people, or how to make products catch on. It will teach you about people: what connects us, and what we tend to respond when it comes to content.

The book is broken up into 6 sections, each focusing on a different commonality across viral content. It’s well written, engaging, and provides concrete examples that I’ll be referencing for years to come.

Trust me. Read Contagious. You won’t regret it.

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