Live from Big Design: Form Follows Me

Form Follows Me, by Mark Rolston

big-design-logo-300x126Mark runs a product design consultancy, Argo Design. They do both products and conceptual work. Used to work at Frog. He’s been in the industry since 1994, and he’s seen a lot of change. Computing is driving rapid and fundamental change in society. iPhone is about to turn 10yrs old! That was the first time a computer really became mobile – part of the rest of life. Since then it’s been getting more connected, and cheaper.

The design of a hammer is manifest. It’s clear from the shape/form what it does. Similarly, the design of a home screen shows what it can do. But a lot of what is becoming important to how design behaves is becoming more like an iceberg – most of it is underwater.

The line is blurring between it (object) and she (person). What is the Amazon Echo? Is it a thing, or is it Alexa? How do we know what the Echo does? The software isn’t even present in the thing you see. Continue Reading