Live from Big Design: Personalization Strategies for Better User Experiences

Personalization Strategies for Better User Experiences, by Brent Bice

big-design-logo-300x126Personalization is about relevance. Finding content that you know about and they need. Personalization is about providing the right content at the right time (when they need it). It’s about optimizing a digital experience for that user, and cutting through the clutter and the noise.

Why Does it Matter?

It’s not new – it’s been around since back in MyYahoo. But now the internet is faster, content is easier to produce, we have Twitter, video, audio files all coming into play. All of these solutions are now starting to talk to each other, so it’s much easier to take all this data and organize it in a way that is more useful.  Continue Reading


Live from Confab: Content strategy for personalization

Content strategy for personalization: Five steps toward building thoughtful targeted experiences, by Colin Eagan

confab logoWhat is targeting, and why do I care?

Targeting is personalized content/layout for a person. It’s adaptive to a unique user trait, and it can be based on zip code, browsing history, etc.

Targeted = customized, based on data. Continue Reading