Live from Confab: Understanding your audience

Understanding your audience, by Robert Mills

confab logoAudience research should become embedded into your work. This talk will include quick win suggestions and easy ways to incorporate research into projects as an individual, as opposed to the bigger projects with tons of resources.

Three steps:

  • The difference between knowing and understanding
  • How to actually gain the understanding
  • How to apply the learning to content strategy

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Live from UXBoston: How to Uncover Hidden Assumptions

How to uncover hidden assumptions, by Maria Matveeva

UXPAIn an emergency, when a woman called for help, the Emergency dispatcher wanted to know if she was in the city or the country, and she couldn’t because she didn’t know what it counted as. She gave the address/general location, but she couldn’t say if it was “city” or “country.”

We can’t take our assumptions for granted. What’s important to me, is not necessarily important to others.

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Live from UXPA: Modern Day Attitudinal Tracking: How to use a Mood Meter to get real-time moments of truth during Think-Aloud Protocol

How to use a Mood Meter to get real-time moments of truth during Think-Aloud Protocol, by Ania Rodriquez, Rick Domaso, and Jonathan Knopf

UXPAThey had a client asking “why are people returning this product?

They had to figure out the best way to do user research – and how to measure emotions without stopping participants who were going through a process.

The goal: Learn what they like, what they’re hoping for, what they hate, and what they wish.

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