Designer Biases

When new technology comes into being, there are often two radical beliefs that spring up:

  1. That new technology will corrupt our youth and irreversibly damage our society
  2. That new technology will create a utopian society of equality and opportunity for all

The two beliefs are reflected as far back in time as Socrate’s day, when he feared that writing would erode memory (it has, in part) and ruin society (it hasn’t, I personally believe). It is mirrored in reactions to the industrial revolution, the telegraph and then the telephone, and most recently, the Internet.

While we hear a lot about the first belief, brought mostly out of fear, today I’m more interested in the second: Utopianism via technology. Continue Reading


Live from JBoye: Who Put Their Technology in My Content Strategy?

Who Put Their Technology in My Content Strategy?, by Meghan Walsh

jboyeContent strategists job can also include tech planning, partner relationship management, business requirements, cross-program alignment… it’s a lot. We’re creating content that is personalized, and then we need to distribute it.

Meghan looks through both the practitioner lens and as the strategy and planning role, focusing on the technology, not the operations.

“The content strategist is the critical voice in content technology planning, selection and design.” Continue Reading