UX Kitteh Contribution (Starring Sim and Nikki)

It’s been three years since UX Kitteh made us laugh, and cry, and feel understood in the UX world. I was recently revisiting my own UX Kitteh contribution, and realized that I now own kittehs of my own. So I can create UX Kittehs based off their actions! Here they are, Nikki and Sim, putting UX principles into practice.

UX Kitteh: Starring Sim and Nikki

UX Kitteh contribution: cat in a box saying "What do you mean... think outside the box?"

That’s Nikki in the box. She’s never met a box (or boxes) she didn’t like. I know some stakeholders like her.

UX Kitteh contribution: cats sleeping on a couch, saying "Someone wake us up when they figure out they need content."

That’s Nikki on the left, and Sim on the right.

Make Your Own UX Kitteh Contribution

UX Kitteh belongs to us all! Make your own contribution at Cheezeburger.com and share it!

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