UX Kitteh Meme

My inner Grammar Nazi has always cringed at I can Haz Cheeseburger memes, but my love of UX humor and kittens trumps that today. All hail UX Kitteh.

Last week, I experienced the wonder that is this magical Kitteh, shared through Twitter by Christina Wodtke. Then I found out that anyone can make these. And I couldn’t help myself.

UX Kitteh Memes

As a note, I don’t know any of these cats (or dogs). I used cheezburger.com and paired images of animals with phrases. The phrases themselves are mine, however. Please feel free to share them, or create your own!

UX Kitteh image of a cat slapping a dog, with the line "we don't have time for user research? Oh, we're doing user research."


UX Kitteh meme of a shocked cat saying "I'm not my user?!"


UX Kitteh meme image of 3 cats in bags, with the line "silos make teamwork hard."

UX Kitteh meme image of a dog with the line "You searched cat... I showed up. Bad taxonomy!"

Want more? Check out UX Kitteh Starring Sim and Nikki. Apparently, once I started creating the meme, I just couldn’t stop.

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