What Can I Do for You?

Every organization is unique, and as a result the services I offer can be mixed and matched to best suit your needs. Take a look, and see which services solve the challenges you’re facing, or take a deeper look into some of my recent projects and read my writing samples. To see what other clients have said about me, don’t forget to check out the testimonials.

Discovery session

All client engagements kick off with a two hour, activity-filled meeting, intended to identify both what we know about the prospective audience, and where our questions lie. After this meeting, I will be able to make recommendations and identify what deliverables would most benefit your company.

User research

A series of phone calls or in-person meetings with former or prospective clients, in order to learn how they spend their (on- and offline) time, what they need, and where their priorities lie.

Voice and Tone Guidelines

This defines your company’s voice, including your key words and brand pillars. The guidelines will also include a short “persona” write up about the ideal client, which will guide future writers and strategy. Any future writers or employees will be able to use these guidelines so that the company’s voice has a consistent sound.

Content inventory and analysis

An excel doc tracking every email, article, social media update, and web page that your brand owns. With a content inventory we can identify patterns across all communications, as well as what is and is not working.

Competitive audit

An inventory of all your web content, comparing it to four primary competitors’ websites. This audit will ascertain what competitors are failing to offer as well as where competitors are successful, and what we can learn from them.

Qualitative audit

An inventory of all your web content, pinpointing whether each piece of content accomplishes one of four primary goals. These goals will be determined beforehand, and will connect to client needs and business objectives.

SEO audit

An inventory of all your web content, looking for what key words and metadata appear on each piece of content. This audit will help us recognize patterns as well as opportunities to improve your SEO strategies.

Social media planning

This document provides recommendations for using various types of social media in ways that will personalize both the media channel and the information being disseminated for the target audience. This document is created specifically to complement your company’s business objectives.

Editorial calendar

This document schedules a rough timeline for generating and managing content over the next six months, in order to kickoff marketing and branding campaigns. The editorial calendar will also include recommendations of metrics to track and future user research to explore.

Copywriting & editing

Most organizations could benefit from a full time copywriter – and that’s not me. However, I’m happy to help you get started, either writing or editing and putting your organization’s voice and tone guidelines into practice. I’ve ghost written for a number of clients, in a number of different voices – feel free to take a look at some of my writing samples.