Why I March

On Saturday I marched at the Women’s March in downtown Boston. Several people have asked me what the point of it was, so I want to share. This is why I marched.

I didn’t march to protest the inauguration, or the US Constitution, or democracy. I didn’t march to try to pass specific legislation or to convince my senator to support women’s rights. (I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Warren and Mark Montigny are already on that.)

I March for Women

I marched because in her one-woman show Everyday Rapture, Sheri Renee Scott talked about the impact a YouTube video can have on a lost, alone kid in a midwest state where no one understands him. I marched because of the women I see on Pantsuit Nation, sharing stories of life outside the Northeast urban bubble where I live. I marched to show them they have support. And to show them they are not alone. And to show they are right to demand equal rights and equal opportunities.

I marched for the same reason I write here, and the same reason I work with healthcare organizations. Not because I can change everything – I can’t. But because I can help¬†someone.

Women deserve equal rights. We demand equal rights. We won’t stop marching. This is just the beginning.


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