The Challenge with Clinically Accurate and Usable Content

A clinician I work with recently synopsized our work writing clinical content brilliantly: “If the content isn’t accurate, it’s harmful. But if it’s not usable content, who cares?” This is at the heart of content strategy for healthcare. “Acute Myocardial Infarcions may lead to impairment in diastolic and systolic function” is clinically accurate, but hard…

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Live from LavaCon: Business to Human

Business to Human: How Companies Use Content to Drive Customer Loyalty, by Joe Gelb What is loyalty? It means customers stay with us, instead of going to our competitors. At the end of the day, loyalty is driven by trust. Trust in what? Trust in our company to help them do what they need with…

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Personalization in Healthcare

Personalization in healthcare is one of the most important areas a UX person can focus. Why? It’s possible that healthcare is both the area where we are the most the same, and the most different. Everyone has a pulse. But each pulse beats at a slightly different rate. What’s more, while a lower pulse is…

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