Live from HXD: Designing Friction-free Experiences with Service Design

Designing Friction-free Experiences with Service Design, by Jon Robinson

In a 2019 survey, consumer experience was named the #1 challenge faced by healthcare leaders. They defined consumer experience as: “understanding, addressing, and assuring that all consumer interactions and outcomes are easy, convenient, timely, streamlined, and cohesive.”

Then there was Covid. Of course that makes things even more complicated. Patients enter and leave the patient journey at all times. Why is there friction in the patient experience? Well, often the burden falls on the patient to do follow up. The designer’s goal is to make this friction-free.

What is friction-free?

The consumer wants things when they want it, how they want it. We have ride shares, instacart – why do we need to call to make healthcare appts? Why do we need to look through long lists of doctors?

The list goes on.

There are so many things we used to do in person that now we can choose between. We want organizations to leverage patient needs and goals, and give choice.

How do we do that?

Often by leveraging service design. Service design is a human-centered approach to planning and organizing a businesses’ people, products, and services. We live in a digital-first world, but still crave human interactions. Libraries are seeing more people.

Service design is a tool we can use to improve experiences. “Services are products of economic activity that you can’t drop on your foot” (according to The Economist). We need to rally around end-to-end experiences, so that we’re not looking at silo’d points in the experience.

Service design looks at front stage, back stage, and behind the scenes. Backstage is the care team. Streamlining backstage processes improves the experience for the providers and the member,

Chatbot in action

Pager created a chatbot that assists people in getting access to information about their healthcare plan, benefits, claims, doctors, etc. It connected front stage to back stage.

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