How Long Should My Page Be? It Depends.

One of the most infuriating – and most often used – statements in a UX practitioner’s vocabulary is “it depends.” It comes up when people ask everything from “how many photos should be on my homepage” to “how many items should be in top nav?” to “how long should my page be?”

It depends.

While it’s true, there’s no one answer for how long a page should be, how many items should be in a top-level navigation, or how many photos to have on a homepage, there are best practices and guidelines.

Guidelines: How Long Should My Page Be?

This week, UX Planet has published my article “Please Don’t Scroll (and other page length myths),” to explain what page length depends on, and how to make the right decision. Give it a read for some concrete explanations, guidelines, and definitions, such as:

“A concise sentence or paragraph has no unnecessary terms, but contains all the information required to be well understood and valuable.”

The next time someone asks you “how long should my page be?” tell them to check it out! People Don’t Scroll

Image saying "Facts" above "Myths" with "Myths" crossed out. Links to an article answering "How long should my page be?"
Read my article on UX Planet: People don’t scroll (and other myths)

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