Live from CSA: Onramp: Making the Case for Author Experience

Onramp: Making the Case for Author Experience, by Rick Yagovich

logoThree things:

  1. What is “author experience?”
  2. Why is it an imperative?
  3. The value of author experience for the whole organization.

What’s the purpose of a CMS?

  • to streamline content management
  • to reuse content
  • to preserve the integrity of the content
  • but really: to facilitate the human process of communication

Who is the author?

An author is anyone who uses the author environment of the content management system.

What is the author experience?

The experience we design within the CMS that is not for the end user.


Content is input to the CMS, stored in the CMS, and output to the end user (reader). But once the content is stored, it needs to be treated for metadata, for channel distribution, for reuse. All of that is part of the author experience.

Structured content

  • Somple content exchange/sharing between environments
  • An integrated content exchange model
  • Considering data and content throughout the business ecosystem – so that no one needs to copy/paste
  • We need presentation-agnostic content, but authors don’t like that because they can’t see what it will look like
  • Semantics in authoring: need a CMS/tool that prompts the author to identify a person whose name they enter
  • Semantics also help with data reusability

Content consistency

  • We need channel independence – no penalties between channels
  • We need authors to be given the priority, even more so than the end user and the business’s plan


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