Live from HXD: Stress Addiction

Stress Addiction: From Morning Coffee to the Cardiac Wing, by Taylor Cashdan

Taylor was the kid who did everything. As an adult that continued, but eventually he found he was basically addicted to the cortisol – he had a stress addiction.

He didn’t have a medical condition. Not too much or too little cortisol. But he liked the feeling of the cortisol. So he did more than he should. orget burning the candle at both ends. The whole candle is on fire.

He also procrastinated. Then Taylor found other things to help procrastinate. 71% of creatives produce 10x more content in 2020 than they put out in 2015.

Is it a surprise that 49% of workers feel stressed about work?

We are working more. We have increased levels of anxiety. Lots of stress addictions. We idealize the struggle. The idea that “if you’re not doing everything than you’re basically doing nothing” needs to die.

How do you address stress addiction?

After ending up in the hospital with an afib diagnosis, for awhile Taylor was able to handle it by checking his pulse, getting an Apple watch. But that’s still an obsession. Now, instead he takes these three steps:

  • Ask
    • Ask yourself the tough questions. Do you have to do it all? Are all of these things necessary right now?
    • Ask about the people around you. Are the people around you helpful?
    • What’s your plan?
  • Say no.
    • Say no to the things you don’t need to do
    • Say no to people who don’t support you
    • Say no to plans that don’t work
  • Incubate
    • Care for your time
    • Focus on your circle
  • Just be – the hardest part

“You’re only unproductive by the standards of the world we lived in [TIME???] ago. And that world is gone.”

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