Live from HXD: You are the Future of Health Equity

You are the Future of Health Equity, by Daniel Burje Chonde

What are the problems facing DEI groups?

  • Competiting priorities
  • Limited resources
  • The people doing the work often lack the tech/business/design skills

Equality vs equity

Equality is giving the same thing to everyone. Equity is giving different things to different people based on their needs.

In Boston, the Hispanic and Latine population lives in the area with overcrowded conditions and lower incomes. Covid-19 has hit those areas the worst. At its peak, 1/3 of MGH Covid patients were Latine. 1/4 had limited English proficiency.

Language issues can lead to increased demand of interpreters, which means there are delays in diagnoses and the interpreters were getting sick, and fewer patients were being seen! Remote interpreter options are not great.

At MGH they built a translation tool to help. They wrote the instructions required to appear in multiple languages, so that radiology didn’t need to do the translation in real time. There was 100% adoption among staff, and it made everyone’s job easier. Now they’re expanding it to vaccinations.

Better imaging centers

One equity issue is that different hospitals and radiation/imaging centers look different. There’s the really nice one… and then there’s the mid-range with sort of hotel-art. And then there’s the rundown one, with no art on the walls. It’s a very different experience.

What is art? Art is an exploration of identity. Health, art, and identify overlap. That’s where health disparities live.

The People’s HeART

This group has a mission of curating temporary installations to engage with the community and create more inviting spaces.

  • Engage
  • Expand
  • Benefit

You can make a difference!

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