Live from LavaCon: Business to Human

Business to Human: How Companies Use Content to Drive Customer Loyalty, by Joe Gelb

What is loyalty? It means customers stay with us, instead of going to our competitors. At the end of the day, loyalty is driven by trust.

Trust in what? Trust in our company to help them do what they need with minimal disruption or uncertainty. What drives trust?

  • UX?
  • Our customer experience?
  • Personalization?
  • Engagement?

Three stages to building trust (and thus, loyalty)

  1. Creating trust
  2. Delivering on trust
  3. Maintaining trust

The story

Prospects come because they have a problem. Content creates the trust that you understand their problem. They need to see a clear path to success with your product – which comes from content as well. It comes from guides, documentation, learning flows, customer onboarding flows. That is the path to success.

Independence can also build loyalty. If people can self-serve, and they feel trusted by you and supported by you, then they trust you as well. But self-service needs proper technology supporting it. It needs to be smooth. It needs to flow.

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