OmniX Conference: Writing and Planning for Voice UI

Before we had computers and phones, we just called it “life.” But now we have “real life” and “the digital world.” In fact, so much of our world is now digital that when it comes back into the “real world” we need a term for the experience. Enter omnichannel.

Omnichannel experiences might include website and mobile app, or phone calls and online portals, or brick and mortar stores (remember those?), social media, voice assistants, and more!

That’s why the OmniX Conference is so great. Last year I was able to attend in person, and I was sad not to return to Amsterdam this year. But in true omnichannel fashion the conference was able to adapt to an online format.

Where Does Voice UI Fit In?

Voice UI is perhaps the first channel to be born into the omnichannel world. With call centers, brick and mortar, and websites we work to combine them. The focus is on breaking down silos. But with Voice UI we have an opportunity to create this channel in a way that aligns with existing channels. We can consider it as a new potential channel while creating the omnichannel experience.

It’s a fascinating area of the omnichannel experience to explore. That’s why I chose to speak about Writing and Planning for Voice UI at this year’s OmniX Conference.

Voice UI at the OmniX Conference

In case you missed my talk, you can still view the slides! Enjoy.

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