Live from HXD: Meet CLAiRA with Purpose

Meet CLAiRA with Purpose, by Abran Maldonado

Abran turns pop culture into curriculum. Everything he does has social purpose. Now he’s founded Create Labs, creating opportunities for young people to touch technology.

How can AI help social purpose?

AI can take our jobs, but it can also do a lot of good. AI for social good might include having a chatbot that you can run ideas by to make sure you’re following DE&I mindset. Abran’s team trained the AI to be a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert.

C.L.AI.R.A lets execs ask questions about Juneteenth, measuring DEI efforts, how to start programs to increase diversity, etc. It gives insights, but also has a button to talk to a human consultant. It doesn’t replace humans, it’s more of a guide. Certain execs want to ask the AI anonymously things they don’t want to ask a person of color to their face. No one’s PII is attached to the response.

History of C.L.AI.R.A

C.L.AI.R.A was inspired by many other AIs, but they created a voice, a face, a personality. Focus was on being authentic. They put her on Facebook and she went viral! Now they’re further evolving her for the metaverse!

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