The Failure and Success of PuppyMonkeyBaby

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the need for user testing, as evidenced by the frightening and decidedly NOT cute PuppyMonkeyBaby shown at the SuperBowl.

Since then, I’ve come to two realizations.

  1. I stand by my ascertain that combining a puppy, a monkey, and a baby sounds adorable but looks terrifying, and therefore it’s a great metaphor for products that sounds great in theory, but fail in practice.
  2. While the puppymonkeybaby product is a failure, this doesn’t mean the commercial was a failure. In fact, weeks later we’re still talking about it. Is it possible this is what the marketers intended? Seems likely!

Food for thought: this is the difference between product development goals, and marketing goals.

Marli Mesibov

Marli is a content strategist with a passion for the user experience. Her work spans websites, web applications, and mobile. Marli is the VP of Content Strategy at the UX design agency Mad*Pow, where she helps healthcare, finance, and educational organizations communicate with their audiences. Marli is a frequent conference speaker, and has spoken at conferences including Content Strategy Forum and LavaCon. She can also be found on Twitter, where she shares thoughts on content strategy, literature, and Muppets.

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