Live from AHIPcx: Is Conversational A.I. the Future of Health Care?

Is Conversational A.I. the Future of Health Care?, by Bob Armour

AI is only part of it. What we need is conversational communication:

  • customer service
  • email
  • website
  • chatbot
  • product literature
  • text messaging

Conversational communication is the future of health care. And the present, and the past. But we haven’t done a good job of making it happen! Conversational AI is not a magic bullet.

Marketing is hard

Customers switch screens 21 times per hour when they’re at home. The people we’re trying to reach are hard to connect with. It’s hard to get their attention.

Expectations are rising for everything:

  • self service
  • transparency
  • ease
  • customization

Take Domino’s pizza. The pizza tracker is SO exciting to people, even though it’s a $5 item that you’ll eat in 30min! You can “watch the people making your pizza.” So if people can get that, shouldn’t they be able to get it on things that they spend significantly more on?

How is health care not keeping up with these trends?

Health Care Customization Mistakes

  1. We often say the same thing to all our customers, even though they’re different
  2. We’re trying to make people into insurance experts
  3. The language is complicated and full of jargon
  4. Our communication is boring

79% of people only consider brands that know them and understand them. We have to prove to them we care.

Tips for Conversational Communication (Not Conversational AI)

  1. Answer your audience’s #1 question: what’s in it for me?
    This isn’t the thing you’re offering. It’s what the thing you’re offering provides.
  2. Be helpful – when does someone need your help?
  3. Have a sense of humor (when it’s appropriate) – it will reduce anxiety, and increase motivation (APA, 2006)
    You lose 30% of your audience when your content is boring.
  4. Beware the curse of knowledge
    Write the way you speak – not the way you write academically.

Today’s Conversational AI

AI is mimicking the way people speak. Chatbots dominate – it’s created by identifying a decision tree. But technically it’s not AI. Then there are the Sophias of the world (robots).

Our job is getting harder. But it’s not about better technology.  We can have better communications.

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