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Disruptive Testing for Disruptive Technology: How to test without a prototype, by Sylvie Daumal

conveyux logoWe ask ourselves: Are we designing the right thing? Does it enhance our experience as humans?

Then, to reduce risk, we create prototypes to test them with users. We think and evolve while we build prototypes.

“Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas.” -Tom Wudec

Up to this point, we’ve been able to sketch and wireframe apps to test them. Now we’re in a new world: the Internet of Things. We can’t prototype AI and robots.

First solution: get back to the past

What did the pioneers of UX do to prototype? Pretotyping.

  • Wizard of Oz: the wizard sits close by, and simulates the system’s responses in real time, such as by responding to vocal cues
  • Mechanical Turk: a human inside the machine manipulating the system, such as Ford having people disguised to be part of the car while driving, to simulate self-driving cars

Second solution: AXE Method

AXE = Anticipated Experience Evaluation

  • Pairs of pictures are used as stimuli to address different aspects of experience.
  • Participants choose which image a concept connects to, and lets you know if they wish it were more connected to the other image
  • Team gathers notes and suggestions for improvements

Third Solution: Smoke Tests

  • Helps determine if there’s value
  • Great for startups – figure this out before building something!
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