Live from HXD: Designing for Systemic Change

Designing for Systemic Change, by Amy Heymans

Human-centricity is now table stakes.

As a designer, and idealist, making an impact, Amy wants more. We need to shift from sick care to health care. Anxiety and depression are on the rise – especially among adolescents. And health outcomes are impacted by ethnicity.

Don’t Get Discouraged

It’s easy to become exhausted – even depressed – over the pace of change in health. We all see opportunity for solutions. We want to make an impact. We know systemic change is needed.

But this is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. We need to stay energized and inspired. We can all find our own forms of inspiration.

For Amy, this is her mom. Her mom reminds her of the value of listening to your heart – as a patient, but also as someone committed to the health system.

The Virtuous Circle

Simon Sinek speaks about the Golden Circle: What, How, and then Why at the center. Amy sees the Virtuous Circle, or Virtuous Cycle, with the Business Impact leading to Social Impact, and back again.

This is why Mad*Pow does Purpose-Driven Design. We want to treat others as you would like to be treated – a concept that extends across cultures, religions, and moral philosophy.

We talk a lot about empathy, but there are many types of empathy. Compassionate empathy motivates us to take action. Understanding helps us build trust.

Intrinsic Value for Lasting Change

People love the concept of gamification. But Mad*Pow knows that we can’t just tack on points and penalties. We need to create lasting change. That means we need to understand intrinsic motivation.

Similarly, although we should use machine learning and AI, we need to use these technologies to create more timely, relevant, and effective communication. Not just to create digital things.

And we should use these tools to benefit minorities who are struggling, and improve access. Whether projects like Kaiser Permanente’s new Mental Health content, or CHXD’s work on the Opioid Crisis, these are ways we can make an impact.

Transforming the Culture

We need to help each other to keep going. We are designing a better future, and this work will keep us inspired.

We are a movement.

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